All you need to know about a fishy incense day

All you need to know about a fishy incense day

Pokemon GoThe last incense day came here to celebrate the arrival of Mega Amphorous to the popular mobile phone title. From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time today, Dragon or Electric-type Pokemon will appear when the incense is active. Additionally, Electric Type Pokemon will appear via incense spawning from 11 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 4 PM while Dragon Type Pokemon will appear via incense from 1 PM and 2 PM and 4 PM to 5 PM. Additionally, Mareep will often appear in public from Incense during the entire event. To help players participate in the Incense Day event, Pokemon Go 3 incense are sold for 1 coin.

In addition to Mareep appearing frequently during the event, any Ampharos who evolved during the event would know the Dragon Pulse movement, a move she could only learn previously during 2018 Community Day. Dragon Pulse is especially useful when evolving Mega Ampharos, as Mega Ampharos are electric / Dragon Pokemon and you will get the same attack bonus when using Attack.

Pokemon confirmed appearances during Incense event including: Pikachu, Magnemite, Voltorb, Chinchou, Mareep, Plusle, Minun, Stunfisk, Horsea, Dratini, Trapinch, Vibrava, Swablu, and Bagon. Note that Plusle, Minun, and Bagon are all required to complete the Hoenn Celebration Event Group Challenge.

In addition to the day of incense today, Pokemon Go Also hosts the previously mentioned A Huyn celebration happened, Which features a growing breed of different Pokemon from the Hoenn region. This includes adding Groudon and Kyogre in 5-star raids until Monday, January 25. The game will then move to the Johto Celebration event This will give players the opportunity to evolve a specific Pokemon to learn moves that were previously exclusive to Society Old Days. All of these celebration events lead to the Pokemon Go Tour: The Kanto Event, which gives players a chance to capture shiny copies of every Pokemon from the Kanto region.

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