FKA Twigs says Shia LaBeouf forbade her from making eye contact with men

FKA Twigs says Shia LaBeouf forbade her from making eye contact with men

FKA Twigs says she suffers panic attacks after her allegedly abusive relationship with Shia LaBeouf.

The British singer fully described for the first time the „fear and shame” she felt during her nine-month romantic relationship with the actor.

She revealed that she got the courage to leave LaBeouf after calling the abuse helpline.

In an interview with Louis Theroux on his site BBC Radio 4 podcast „My Land” She claimed LaBeouf prevented her from looking into other men’s eyes – and isolated her from friends and family.

She was left feeling „the worst person ever” – and believed that no one would believe her after passers-by failed to help her when Lebov allegedly strangled her at a gas station.

„I honestly felt impossible to leave, and I felt so in control … it was totally overwhelming,” she said.

The duo met on the set of the movie „Honey Boy” in 2018 and separated in May 2019.
In December 2020, Twigs announced that they will be suing LeBeouf About sexual beating, assault and emotional distress.

She told Theroux that there was a „intense honeymoon period at first” before LaBeouf’s behavior became abusive.

She said she gradually became aware that he was becoming „jealous and controlling,” and noticed „the little things she could do wrong that could destroy happiness.”

“For me, it was nice to deal with a waiter or politely deal with someone who could be seen as if they were joking or [wanting] To enter into some kind of relationship with another person when I literally order pasta and be polite. ”

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„I was told I know what it is, and if I liked it I wouldn’t look into the eyes of men. So this was my reality for four months near the end of the relationship, as I was not allowed to look into the eyes of men.”

The star said she started looking down on Earth when the couple went out together and began to isolate herself from her friends and family, adding, „I was living a very strict and contained life that I felt made me into the least of problems.”

LaBeouf – as mentioned on page six Canceled from all promotions For his latest movie, „Cut a Woman”, first Academy Award nominee, after the lawsuit – she also expected to fulfill a daily quota of affection, she claims.

Twigs said, “He said his ex met that number well and I didn’t fit … It was 20 touches, 20 kisses a day, reinforcements of my loyalty and commitment to him, which is stressful because you can” be normal. „

„He would wake me up at night to accuse me of all kinds of things,” she said. „He accused me of staring at the ceiling and thinking of ways to leave him, accusing me of masturbating … [accuse] I would like to be with someone else – but I will always say between four and seven in the morning. „

She spent lonely in London again trying to recover, as she admitted, „for a long time, anything that woke me up at night, even if it was just my dog, or a noise outside, or I just needed to go to the bathroom, could lead to a severe panic attack.” .

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She said she „left with her.” [post-traumatic stress disorder] Of that, which is also something I don’t think we’re really talking about as a community in terms of getting back on leaving, how much work needs to be done to recover, and getting back to the person they were before. ”

She said she came as a „turning point” when she called the helpline and was taken seriously, adding that she wanted to be able to tell her daughter that she had dealt with the abuse.

LeBeouf told the New York Times That many of Twigs’ allegations are untrue, but he said he owes her and Caroline Faux, another woman whose claims appeared in the lawsuit, „the opportunity to broadcast their statements publicly and [for me to] Accept accountability for those things that you have done. „

He added in another statement: „I am not in a position to tell anyone how my behavior made them feel. I have no excuses for alcoholism or aggression, just the justifications.”

He said, „He has been abusing myself and everyone around me for years. I have a history of harming those closest to me. I feel ashamed of this date and sorry for the one I hurt. There is nothing else I can really say.”

Page 6 reached LaBeouf for comment.

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