Grand Theft Auto V actors recreate “Lamar Roasts Franklin” scene

Grand Theft Auto V actors recreate "Lamar Roasts Franklin" scene

Grand Theft Auto VAvailable across two generations of platform, now with the release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S on the way, Death Refuses. The game’s latest contribution to the zeitgeist online is the brief scene in which the side character Lamar Davis distorts protagonist Franklin Clinton, who has become the basis for a hugely popular Mim.

This morning, PlayStation Haven uploaded a video to YouTube Black Jesus Superstar Gerald “Slink” Johnson and Shawn Fontino are reprising their roles as Lamar and Franklin.

(This is the part where I give voice to non-speakers NSFW The warning that accompanies most Grand Theft Auto Screenshots. Scenes are appreciated.)

No one knows how to harm you quite like friends and family.

While this was the logical endpoint for coordinating the joke, model trade-offs and sometimes amateur voice acting have replaced everyone from Lamar Kermit the Frog to me Yakuza The protagonist, Kazuma Kerio Over the past few months. Again, many of these videos NSFW, But there is something SpongeBob SquarePants Says “yee yee-ass haircut” who wants to watch.

It is difficult to pinpoint one major detail or moment that made this scene strike a chord with creators and audiences online. Everything is funny, Which is a huge plus, but Lamar tops the almost lyric hype with lyrical insult that also helps. Personally, I always look forward to “what?” Ultimately, especially when Lamar has been replaced by a misplaced person like Darth Vader or snow White.

Regardless of the case, at least we have something else that distracts us from Hell World.

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