Intellivision shows gameplay footage from Amico

Intellivision shows gameplay footage from Amico

Intellivision They decide to start 2021 with some actual gameplay footage from the upcoming gaming console, Amico. The video is hosted by the CEO and president of the company, Tommy Talarico, We’re getting our first real look at how the console works. As you can see in the video below, the list contains several pre-loaded games including classic titles and updated versions of the classics. This demo shows us the new version of AstroSmashWhere the small screen on the console contains personal information about your character while the rest of the action is on the screen. You can even flip the controller over to play like classic Intellivision controllers. The version they came in with 14 pre-loaded games including Snafoo, Huge Crash, Moon Patrol, Dolphin Quest, Back Talk Party, Flying Circus, Night Stalker, Shark! Shark!, And more. Amico will be released April 15, 2021, and is currently on sale on pre-order for $ 300.

The Amico is slated to be released next April, courtesy of Intellivision.

Isn’t it true that your fondest memories of playing video games are when you were playing together in the same room with a group of people? Much has changed in gaming since Intellivision began, with games becoming more isolated, complex, and competitive. Using unparalleled technology, creativity and passion, our team takes on the mission of getting family and friends together again. When designing the Amico, we had a vision – to make games available again. Our team has packaged an incredible amount of features into a simple and affordable package. Thankfully, we didn’t have to start from scratch – the original Intellivision system had so many great features that were the inspiration for Amico. Modern technology, updated ergonomics and modern personality make the entertainment system like no other.

The Amico console is built for functionality and simplicity – with a familiar touchscreen, dials and motion controls, anyone can join the fun. Simply place the controllers in the console and Amico will take care of the charging. This feature also doubles as a simple way to store consoles to keep things tidy. Amico uses unique lighting that not only provides an enjoyable and memorable gaming experience, but also helps guide players in an interactive way.

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