Is Verizon Virus disabled? The internet outage is spreading to the northeastern United States

Is Verizon Virus disabled?  The internet outage is spreading to the northeastern United States

Verizon Fios customers across the northeast experienced slow and intermittent internet service during an apparent outage on Tuesday.

More than 21,000 users in New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and other major East Coast cities said they had trouble loading webpages and experienced slow upload and download speeds, according to the outage tracking website.

The problems started appearing around 11:30 AM and continued into the early afternoon, Downdetector reports.

Verizon customers have complained about the issues on Twitter, with the communications giant saying they had been fixed by 3 PM

„The Internet issue affecting the quality of Fios’ service throughout the Northeast has been resolved. Network performance and service levels are returning to normal,” Verizon tweeted.

Verizon too He said She was working on a severed fiber cable in Brooklyn that affected „a small number” of Fios’ local customers. It is not clear if this is the cause of the larger regional problems.

Users also reported interruption of a wide range of major internet services around the same time as Verizon, including Zoom, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365 and Amazon Web Services, according to Downdetector.

These services have become essential for people who work from home and students who go to school remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s unclear if these reported interruptions are related to Verizon issues.

Amazon Web Services He said Some East Coast customers had „connection issues” with their ISP from 11:26 AM to 12:46 PM, but the AWS special services were operating normally.

Verizon Views
More than 21,000 Verizon Fios customers on the East Coast have complained about power failure issues.

A Verizon spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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