Muslims are banned from entering the United States under Trump, Muslims rejoice at Biden’s open door

Muslims are banned from entering the United States under Trump, Muslims rejoice at Biden's open door

Of the 45,000 Iranians who applied for visa waivers between January 2017 and July 2020, only 7,000 were granted visas, according to the Foreign Ministry. “The effect was blanket – financially, emotionally, educational, professional and romantic,” said Reza Mazaheri, a New York immigration attorney who represents many Iranians.

For others, Ban is a tragic closed chapter.

Mohamed Abdel Rahman, a Libyan businessman, said he believed he won the grand prize in 2017 when he won the Green Card lottery, providing a route to escape from a country that was plunging into deep chaos, his nephew Muhammad al-Sheikh said.

But Trump’s ban forced Mr Abdel-Rahman to delay, and before he could leave Libya, he had a stroke and died.

Speaking on the phone from Tripoli, Mr. Al-Sheikh, 34, said, “If there was no ban, his life would be completely different.” “He only needed a stable place to live for the rest of his life.”

Farnaz Fassihi from New York contributed to the report. Vivian Yi from Cairo; Bin Hubbard and Howayda Saad from Beirut, Lebanon. Abdi Latif Daher from Nairobi, Kenya; Ruth McLean from Dakar, Senegal; Mohamed Abdel Samie from Tripoli, Libya; Hana Beach from Bangkok; And Saw Nang from Yangon, Myanmar.

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