No, Microsoft is not obligated to use batteries in Xbox consoles due to a deal with Duracell •

No, Microsoft is not obligated to use batteries in Xbox consoles due to a deal with Duracell •

You may have read reports that Microsoft is forced to use AA batteries in Xbox consoles due to a long-term agreement with Duracell.

Eurogamer understands this is not accurate.

The story was originated by Duracell UK Marketing Director Luke Anderson, who told the following in an interview with the Gfinity Blog: Stealth is optional:

“There has always been this partnership with Duracell and Xbox … It’s a permanent deal between Duracell and Microsoft.

„[The deal is] In order for OEM to supply battery product for Xbox consoles as well as consoles battery. for this reason [deal is] It’s going to last for a while … it’s been on for a while and I think it should last for a while [more]. „

It is true that Xbox uses Duracell batteries in its consoles, and the two brands have appeared together in Duracell marketing materials.

But reports today indicated that Microsoft’s hand was being forced to require its controllers to use batteries rather than compact rechargeable packaging just because of this partnership. This is not the case.

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at Digital foundry In an interview last year with Microsoft veteran Jason Ronald, director of Program Management Partner at Xbox, the company discussed its decision to use AA batteries again in its Xbox Series S / X console while its competitors use rechargeable battery packs as standard.

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„What it comes to is when you talk to players, it’s kind of polarizing and there’s a strong camp that really wants to get AAs,” Ronald said. So giving flexibility is the way to satisfy both [sets of] People … you can use a rechargeable battery pack and it works just like it does on the Elite, [but] It is a separate thing. ”

Simply put – there is still a large portion of Xbox owners who prefer to use batteries, and it’s this thinking that drove Microsoft’s decision. Although the batteries are short-lived, they can be replaced more easily than an internal power cell, which will wear out over time and die.

Today, Microsoft released a statement saying that its decision to use the batteries is about customer choice.

„We are intentionally offering consumers options in their battery solutions for standard Xbox wireless controllers,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer. „This includes using AA batteries of any brand, Xbox rechargeable battery, charging solutions from our partners, or a USB-C cable, which can power the console when it’s connected to the console or PC.”

Notice that „no brand” is mentioned there. Despite the ever-energetic rabbit amulet, we hope the Duracell report is over.

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