People roast Gwyneth Paltrow after their vaginal Goop candle explodes

People roast Gwyneth Paltrow after their vaginal Goop candle explodes
  • The „This Smells Like A Vagina” candle, a Gwyneth Paltrow Goop product, has exploded at a woman’s home, The Sun reported Monday.
  • Judy Thompson, a 50-year-old media consultant living in London, said the $ 75 candle “emitted tremendous flames” before she and her partner David Snow threw it out the front door.
  • People on social media have created memes to respond to the incident and criticize Paltrow’s alternative health company.
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Ghouinith baltrowAlternative Wellness Site Goop He promises that a candle that „smells like a vagina” will save.Sophisticated warmthBut one customer got much more than she bargained for.

Said Judy Thompson, a 50-year-old media consultant based in London the sun On Monday, the candle burned out in her home after she won the product as a prize in an online test.

„The candle exploded, blowing massive flames,” she recalls. „Small pieces flew everywhere.” „I had never seen anything like this before. Everything was on fire and it was just too hot to touch. There was a hell in the room.”

Thompson and her partner David Snow worked together to deal with the situation and decided to throw the candle outside their home.

„In the end, we put her under control and threw her outside the front door,” she told the port.

Although Thompson said the candle „could have burned the place” and „was scary at the time,” she admitted she found the situation „funny” at a later time.

Thompson did not provide details of how her candle „exploded”. However, there is a warning of „burning the candle in sight” and „staying away from things that catch fire” at The Goop site. The statement also provides advice such as trimming the „wick to 1/8” before each light, „placing it” on a stable heat-resistant surface, and not burning „for more than two hours at a time.”

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Paltrow’s Goop has previously been mocked for smuggling health and Beauty tips Without submission Appropriate scientific evidence, And some experts do Publicly mocked High-end company suggestions.

After hearing Thompson’s disastrous experiment with a $ 75 candle, made with geranium, citrus bergamot, and rice, Goop’s detractors seize the opportunity to joke about the Paltrow company once again.

Despite ongoing criticism of Paltrow and Goop, the „This Smells Like My Vagina” candle is Sold out within hours From its release in January 2020. According to Goop, the product It started as a „joke” Between Paltrow and Douglas Little professional perfumer.

„The idea was to do something sensual and sensual, but also provocative and fun,” he said. Sternum, Later explaining that it did not smell like Paltrow’s vagina.

„The idea that the smell is the smell of Gwyneth’s vagina. This is not the case. This smell is called like Mine Vagina means the person who catches it. „It’s my guess and it’s fun,” he said.

Months later, Paltrow released her next brow lift product:This smells like my ecstasyWhich also costs $ 75, according to The Goop site.

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