SRP prepaid customers affected by the outage; The company issues instructions for customers to recover energy

SRP prepaid customers affected by the outage;  The company issues instructions for customers to recover energy

The power cut off near Second Street and Bell Road

Officials with SRP say customers on its M-Power prepaid plan are affected by the blackout on the night of January 8.

Throughout the night, FOX got 10 calls from viewers saying people who had outstanding credit in SRP’s M-Power were turned off at around 8:00 PM

At around 9:30 PM, SRP officials issued a number of instructions for people to follow in order to restore electricity.

  1. Type 7183 5365 1334 1168 0000.
  2. Press and hold the “Display Cycle” and “Select Language” buttons for five seconds. The message “Enter the code” will appear. In the event of a power failure, it will be on for ten minutes while the code is entered.
  3. Start entering the code by pressing the “Select Language” button until the first number you want appears. After that, press the “Display Cycle” button to lock the number and move to the next position. If you make a mistake entering a number, press the two buttons for two seconds, then release
  4. The flashing line will move to the last number entered so that you can correct the entry. Repeat step 2 until all numbers have been entered into the code issued to you. The message “eCode Accepted” will appear if the number has been entered and verified correctly.

SRP officials say they don’t know what led to the power outages to customers in the M-Power plan, but they are investigating.

According to SRP, M-Power pricing plan is a pay-as-you-go plan that allows people to choose how much energy to purchase.

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According to the website, a special customer counter will be installed in the plan, which will show them how much power they have left, and provide notifications when they are running out of power. Customers who require more power can purchase more power via an app provided by SRP.

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