Star Wars Battlefront 2 is now free for PC, and it deserves a second chance

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is now free for PC, and it deserves a second chance

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Celebration Edition Free on the Epic Games Store Until Thursday, January 21st, there has never been a better time to play the game.

Quality Battlefront 2The single-player campaign and expansion of content were in multiplayer modes at launch in 2017 Overshadowed by the controversial EA’s monetization strategy, Which It relies heavily on loot boxes. Players were upset, and EA ended up completely reworking the game’s economy. Drama dominated the headlines, after which it seemed everyone had moved on. there was A tepid apology at E3 next yearThis was for most people.

This original version of the game doesn’t really exist anymore, and it hasn’t been around for years. No more updates are on the way The terrible original player progression system has been reworked, and what remains is a massive collection of single and multiplayer Star Wars content spanning all the movies and Ties in The Mandalorian As well. You can even include Baby Yoda by modding the computer.

In other words, noise is removed, and what’s left is a pure signal. And there is enough interest in this type of Star Wars experience so widespread that new players deactivated servers when the game was first offered for free last week.

Battlefront 2His campaign isn’t perfect, but it’s much better than it should be. It features a great performance from Janina Gavankar as Iden Versio, an imperial officer whose mission is to find and destroy the rebellion. In other words, you are one of the bad guys, and this puts you in the uncomfortable position of having to do horrific things in the name of duty.

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Here’s how Dave Tach put it In the original review of Polygon: „Versio’s internal struggles intensify as the narrative spreads. It started with the type of character who could buy into the pro-Empire arguments about maintaining order and keeping the galaxy in peace and which Emperor Palpatine tries to sell throughout the films. But few people can break up their morals when faced with an act Or see things that are clearly wrong … it’s here, after the first few tasks, this Battlefront 2The story of her home country, and the character of Versio gaining some much-needed depth. „

It’s that journey that makes the narration so enjoyable, even if there are some challenging moments.

And Tach continued, „There are more narrative perversions and raised characters, which I will not spoil here because they are catnip to Star Wars fans, but suffice it to say that the campaign is not quite as simple as it first appeared.” The story perspective sometimes shifts away from the Versio version, which gives Battlefront 2 An opportunity to explore the central conflict from different perspectives. The downside is that it’s often more interesting as a story than important to play. „

Now that the economy is removed and more content has been added to the multiplayer component, Battlefront 2The different Star Wars modes are more like a buffet of great Star Wars moments than any kind of cohesive whole, but that’s part of the charm at this point.

Seeing all of these characters, from many eras and movies, all work together or fight each other across so many battles, modes, and options feels more like playing my Star Wars games in a craft sandbox than playing a traditional video game. Nothing is perfectly balanced, but that’s far from the goal; Everything looks, feels and sounds so perfect in Star Wars that the odd mix of characters and gameplay gives everything the kind of fun and adventurous quality that has often been missing from the latest movies.

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This is the perfect time to jump in if it was the last time you thought about it Battlefront 2 It was during a heated discussion online about in-game economies. What exists today is a huge pile of sights, sounds, environments, vehicles, characters, references, and even plot twists, all of which are like a celebration of everything Star Wars.

It’s also free now, so you have nothing to lose, except for a little bit of time. if The Mandalorian Proving fans are in the mood for the lighter and less serious Star Wars experiences, the celebration version of Battlefront 2 It is the perfect way to maintain this mood.

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