The 5 Facebook Messenger features you need to know about

The 5 Facebook Messenger features you need to know about

Like it or not, Facebook Messenger can be a must, especially if your friends and family have settled on the app as their primary messaging service. I know people who have only kept Facebook accounts to continue using Messenger. But the mailven if you are subscribed with Facebook without any worries whatsoeverIn, there are some Messenger features that you should know to get the most out of the service while also protecting your privacy.

If you don’t want people to see whether you’re online – and how long it’s been since the last time you signed in – just tap your profile picture in the upper right of the Messenger app and select Active status To turn it off. These profile settings are also where you can activate Dark mode, Giving your eyes a break while chatting.

In „Settings”, you can customize who is allowed to text you. Faucet Privacy And then Message delivery To allow all of your Facebook friends to send you messages, only those who have your phone number, etc. Preferences, Specify Telephone contacts And turn off Messenger’s ability to grab everyone in your phone’s address book. This prevents Facebook from getting data on people who might not want the company to know anything about them, and it’s also just a good practice overall.

If you want to make Messenger more private, you can activate end-to-end encryption and hide messages By clicking on the contact name in the chat and selecting Turn on secret conversations. Swiping on the conversation will enable Vanish mode This will not encrypt your messages but will cause them to disappear when you exit the conversation. You’ll still get a notification if your contact’s screenshot messages are while in Vanish mode (or vice versa), so, if it has to be said: Don’t use them to be spooky.

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