The counterterrorism unit commander, who took leave, apologizes while claiming it is unsafe to go back to school

The counterterrorism unit commander, who took leave, apologizes while claiming it is unsafe to go back to school

Chicago – It appears that the leader of the Chicago Teachers’ Union faced national outrage and ridicule for claiming it was unsafe to return to school buildings while on vacation in Puerto Rico.

Sarah Chambers, CTU’s vice president and member of the union’s executive board, faced a backlash locally and nationally after the WGN investigations The story was first published on December 31.

On Twitter, she urged teachers to refuse to go back to class while the same day she posted on Instagram pictures of the pool and talked about getting seafood in Old San Juan.

„I understand that he was not sensitive and it is wrong for me to go on this winter vacation trip and share pictures of it at a time when thousands of my union sisters and sisters – and the families we serve – refrain from traveling or just making basic plans outside the home,” read a post purporting to be From Sarah Chambers on a Facebook Educator Forum. The post read: “I deeply regret my actions and fully understand why so many are upset.

The controversy comes at an inappropriate time for the Chicago Union of Teachers, which threatens to strike if the school district goes ahead with its plans to resume personalized learning. The chambers and the union urged teachers to sign a pledge Vows not to return To the school buildings Monday.

Chicago Public Schools will resume personal learning for pre-kindergarten and some special education students Jan.11. Their teachers have been asked to come to school this week. The district hopes that kindergarten students will return through the eighth grade of the February semester.

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„In order to show my regret, not to distract, I will deactivate all of my social media accounts and back off from the Chicago Teachers’ Union Executive Board,” the alleged Chambers post said.

A union official will not comment on whether Chambers has resigned from her leadership positions or if she is taking a short break. When contacted by phone, Chambers switched off the phone without commenting.

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