Alex Trebek’s latest movie „Jeopardy!” The episode ends with an emotional tribute

Alex Trebek’s latest movie „Jeopardy!”  The episode ends with an emotional tribute

More than two months after the death of Alex Trebek, he’s become a fan of „Jeopardy”! Finally he had the opportunity to say goodbye. A video tribute to the host wrapped up Friday’s episode of Quiz Show, the last episode Trebek recorded before pancreatic cancer He claimed his life On November 8th.

The 90-second montage, set to Hugh Jackman singing Peter Allen’s song „Once Before I Go,” is a hilarious, ludicrous memory that shows Trebek’s changing look in 36 years as a host, with a mustache and without, with black hair and gray, with suits From several decades.

She celebrated the most bizarre moments in the usually straitened Trebeek, as it showed him verbally arguing with the contestants and wrestling with one of them.

He told a kid contestant, „You make me feel really inappropriate.” „Sorry about that,” she answered smoothly.

Trebek is shown walking in flat pants in one clip, dressed as the Statue of Liberty in another, and dressed as a Trojan Soldier in another.

A clip of the host saying „No dance” appears amid scenes of him dancing over the years.

The tribute is still very sad and emotional, though, as Jackman sings, „It’s very hard to say goodbye, when there is so much unspoken in your eyes” and „Once before I go, I’d like to tell you, that I’ll do all of it.” So one more time. „

And in his final moments, Trebek appears by signing through contracts, again and again, „Long, everyone.”

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Trebek died on November 8 at the age of 80, but he pre-scored several weeks of shows which continued to air. He continued to work for nearly two years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and has remained in his place on the podium as it has been an institution since the beginning of 1984.

The show will continue next week with A series of temporary hosts, Starting with „Jeopardy!” The veteran! Champion Ken Jennings.

Trebek’s final episodes of the week kicked off Monday, with the host urging viewers to donate to others who were suffering during the coronavirus pandemic.

„We’re trying to build a nicer and kind community, and if we all get a little bit involved, we’ll get there,” Trebek said.

His final shows were originally scheduled to air on Christmas week, but have been postponed until this week to give more of the show.

This episode includes holiday items, such as the „Christmas Movies” category.

In one of the more than 500,000 clues that Trebek delivered to contestants in over 8,200 episodes, he said:

„Basically, this classic Frank Capra story is about a disgraceful financier spending an incredibly cruel Christmas Eve.”

Correct answer: „What is a wonderful life?”

Trebek wasn’t sure that Friday’s episode would be the last when it was recorded.

The show’s executive producer, Mike Richards, said on NBC’s „Today” program on Monday that Trebek was a „absolute warrior” in his last session, despite being in „severe pain.”

At the end of the episode, before the video was honored, Trebek said, „See you again next week.”

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