Ken Jennings hosts the first „Jeopardy!” After the death of Alex Trebeek

Ken Jennings hosts the first „Jeopardy!”  After the death of Alex Trebeek

„I miss Alex.”

The first „risk!” An episode since Alex Trebek’s death aired on Monday, with Ken Jennings, who was introduced as the first in a series of temporary hosts, barely able to hold back tears when talking about the late host.

On Monday he said, „Sharing this stage with Alex Trebek was one of the greatest honors of my life.” During the opening of the show.

even in Without the man who came with intelligence and balance On the show for nearly 37 years, „Jeopardy!” He went to work as usual on Monday. Jennings, who holds the record for longest running „Danger!” Winning streak, the show opened with a monologue dedicated to Trebek – almost choked on the process.

He continued: „There aren’t many things in life that are perfect, but Alex has done the job pretty much for more than 36 years – and it was better up close.” „He impressed us with his intelligence, charm, and grace – really, there’s no other word for that.”

„Like all” risk! „Fans, I miss Alex. Very much. I thank him for everything he did for all of us.”

However, Jennings said the show should continue – despite Trebek’s death in November at the 80’s after a battle with pancreatic cancer – because there are tens of millions of fans „who love the show.” Trebek is passionate The last episode aired on FridayWas filmed just 10 days before his death. Episode A. Montage of Trebek’s greatest moments Over the years, Which caused many fans to cry.

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“Let’s be completely clear: Nobody will ever replace the great Alex Trebek, but we can honor him by playing the game he loves,” he concluded before entering the Monday night match.

But it’s not lost on the 74-time champ that fans would rather see Trebek’s bellman, as he has done for more than 8,200 episodes since 1984.

“Frankly, I’m with the crowd,” the 46-year-old He said in a promotion released before the show. „I don’t want to go out here. I want to see Alex here. I know exactly how they feel when they see everyone else behind this stage.”

„I’m just happy to fill in and help,” said Jennings, who won the greatest title of all time last year.

Fans seemed to agree after watching Monday’s episode, writing: „I’m watching it now and I’m not going to lie but it looks weird” and „Wow. This will take some Time to get used to it. „

Jennings worked as a consultant producer for „Jeopardy!” This season, which saw the introduction of special video classes, assistance to contestants and other aspects of the show. It is the first inA series of temporary hosts From within the „danger!” Family, which is likely too Includes Katie Couric.

While Jennings said hosting the show was „surreal,” Trebek gave him some advice if he were to replace him as host in any capacity.

“I actually talked to him on the phone the weekend he went by and he was – he was weak but he was still a lot Alex,” He said in „Good Morning America.” „I remember he was so confident of me being a guest host if he ever needed to.”

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Rumors spread that Jennings It was being „prepared” to take charge The show was named Lying in the ring as a possible permanent substitute – You feed it more when I preemptively apologize for past „insensitive” tweets. Before I hosted it for the first time. He is also the presenter of the new series „The Chase” with fellow „Jeopardy!”, The two rivals in The Greatest of All Time, James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter.

But Jennings said in that last conversation, Trebek reminded him that „the host is not the star” of the danger! Pointing out that the beloved host, „always made everything about the players and about the competition.”

“It’s hard to imagine that in today’s TV scene, a star of this size is saying, ‘Hey, the game isn’t about you’ – but that was great advice.”

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