The cause of death of embarrassing star Archie Lindhurst has been revealed at the age of 19

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British Teen Actor Archie LindhurstHis mother revealed a reason for him sudden death She participated in a beautiful but heartbreaking tribute to her late son.

The star who is best known for his role in the CBBC sitcom Never inappropriate, He passed away at the age of 19 on September 22, 2020 – just one month before his birthday. He is the only son of Lucy Lindhurst And a husband Fools and horses only the actor Nicola Lindhurst. On Friday, January 15th, Lucy shared photos of the couple with Archie Instagram He revealed that he died of a brain haemorrhage caused by a rare cancer.

She wrote, „Four days before Christmas, Nick and I sat on Harley Street with the results of Archie’s second autopsy.” „The very detailed document, which the pathologist warned us about would be a horrific read, and best explained by a medical practitioner. The doctor explained that Archie died of natural causes (something we already know, only rumors, keyboard warriors, trolls, and ignorant thought differently).”

„He died from an intracerebral hemorrhage caused by lymphoma / acute leukemia. This is not leukemia as we know it, a sharp word in medical jargon that means fast. He assured us that there was nothing that anyone could do like it did not appear on Archie.” Any signs of illness. Archie had numerous bleeding in the brain, and the doctor went to great lengths to reassure us that he was not in any pain as it happened during his sleep. „

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Lucy said that a few days before his death, Archie celebrated his birthday early „with the love of his life.” Nethra, „Who” was „to be given up on work obligations.” Never inappropriate Co-star Nethra telakumara. actress Praised it On her Instagram page several times after his death.

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„Archie was the most extraordinary magical human being we have ever met,” Lucy wrote in her letter. „We continue to learn every day the amazing impact he had on the lives of others, the kindness and generosity that he showed them to them. He was an incredibly old and progressive spirit throughout his years in many ways. As his parents, we couldn’t be more proud of him. For all that he has achieved in him. The short time that it gave him, especially for the beautiful person he was. „

„We are very grateful and privileged to have chosen his parents. The trip and adventure were the best anyone could wish for. A truly magical time in every possible way.”

In a second Instagram Lucy, who was shared that day, wrote, „Nick and I try every day to make Archie proud, but they are small steps, beyond the difficulty and conflict at times. The world is a completely different place without him. One of my last conversations with him was about everything that was happening.” In the world, the chaos, and the anger of all the different subjects. He looked at me with his big, lively blue eyes, shook his head and said, “All the world needs is Mama’s love, it is very easy to love.” And to him he used to give it wherever he went in abundance.

Lucy also said that her son was „compassionate” „who loved life, appreciates every person in it and every moment it was given to him.”

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„He always sang, and he had energy and passion in everything he did,” she wrote. „Being a part of his life was the greatest honor of joy and madness. We miss him every day and we will always be. There are enough words to describe him, he was unique. Our dear boy, we love you forever and forever and thank you every day, for every beautiful memory we have. We will celebrate you. Always. All our love. Mama and OM „

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